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Global Warming deniers.....?

Do you not understand basic chemistry? Do you see any changes in weather? Do you know what is happening to animal life? Burn fossil fuels and this creates Carbon monoxide which makes Co2 and warms the planet - this means it IS done by why do you deny what MUST be happening - is it out of sheer panic that you do not think mankind can have such profound effects? It is surely not based upon reasoning and chemistry?

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    the temperature of the Earth has fluctuated over the life span of the earth going from cold to hot several times.

    the denialists assessment of the level to which Human activity is responsible is, IMO, significantly underrated. consider that no other species has had such an impact on the Earth's climate, ecology, and toxicology in as short a time frame cannot help but have measurable and distinct effects on climate change.

    certainly algae, proto-plankton and plankton have had serious effects but not only did they have slow and lasting effects they are still here after millions of years... now if you consider the length of time that man has been on the planet (and then compare the length of the time we've been able to manipulate our environment which is only about the last 100 years...). for comparison imagine a stack of dimes a mile high, representing the life of the Earth. then as you get to the top single dime which represents the existence of man on the Earth then look at the effects we have had on the planet, from mass extinctions and the depletion of species. to the change in the composition of the atmosphere, oceans, land. we have polluted all of it. we use petrochemicals as fertilizers because we have depleted the soils we grow our foods in, we have polluted the Oceans with petrochemicals and radioactive wastes - do you know there is more plastic in the Oceans than in most major landfills world wide (most of the plastics are so small that they are 'invisible'), and the depletion of the Ozone layer due to CO2 emissions and CFBs from aerosols are allowing more of the suns harmful radioactive rays to penetrate the atmosphere and cause further damage to us and our ecosystems.

    All in the last 100 years which would be represented by the first atomic layer of that dime of our mile high stack.

    yes there is evidence for a natural warming and cooling cycle of the Earth. but there is also evidence that it is spiking since we entered into the industrial/technological era. the temperature is rising faster than any other time in recorded history including glacial records. the fact that it coincides with our use of petrochemicals cannot be simple coincidence. and that as we use more petrochemicals it rises faster is not a warning sign to us? it should be.

    consider also that people born before the nuclear era were born with nearly untraceable radioactivity (there is inherent radioactivity due to the fact that the Earth's core is radio-active and that we do get bombarded by solar radio-active particles constantly) but that people born after the rise of nuclear technology are more radio active than can be explained by natural processes. consider then the rise of cancers that affect the world as a whole. we are sicker now than we have ever been (as a whole).

    so Yes there is global warming (and cooling) but it is also undeniable that Man has had an effect on the acceleration of climate change.

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    'We're not scaremongering

    This is really happening'

    - Idioteque, Radiohead

    Wake up people, open your eyes.

    Time is running out.

    In the end, when the **** hits the fan we will all have to face it, and climate change's effects are just kicking in. We are lucky in the fact that we still have time to save ourselves, but it's limited and world leaders are still clinging onto methods of the past.

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    Actually, carbon dioxide is usually a direct result of combustion. Yet you make one mistake and denialists claim that climatologists do the same.


    <He has promised us we won't ruin the earth beyond repair.>

    Actually, God said He will destroy the Earth. (Matthew 24:35; I Peter 3:7; Revelation 20:11;21:1)

    <During the last decade the temperature has gone down.>

    That is a lie. The ten warmest years in the instrumental record are 2010, 2005, 2009, 2007, 2002, 1998, 2006, 2003, 2004 and 2011.

    If you lie, you fry. (Revelation 21:8)

    You need to get right with God.

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    "The net effect of all these processes is that doubling carbon dioxide would not double the amount of global warming. In fact, the effect of carbon dioxide is roughly logarithmic. Each time carbon dioxide (or some other greenhouse gas) is doubled, the increase in temperature is the same as the previous increase. The reason for this is that, eventually, all the longwave radiation that can be absorbed has already been absorbed. It would be analogous to closing more and more shades over the windows of your house on a sunny day -- it soon reaches the point where doubling the number of shades can't make it any darker.

    Another way of looking at it is by thinking of adding blankets to your bed on a cold night: if you have no blankets, adding one will have a big effect. If you have a thousand blankets, adding another thousand will have an unmeasurably small effect."

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    this is pretty bad logic. Burning fossil fuels creates CO2 directly. Only when impartial combustion happens do you get monoxide.

    the warming is not due to chemistry, it's due to radiative properties and energy imbalance- physics.

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    Blaming fossil fuels for climate change is nearly as great an act of faith as insisting God made the Earth in a single week. While CO2 emissions may be a contributing factor they are only a small part of the entire phenomena.

    In the last one hundred and fifty years we have gone from wood and coal heat and candlelight after dark to the electrified world of today. Even without petroleum we are generating energy through steam, hydro electric and nuclear power as well, and every energy source is contributing to the increase in the Earth's overall temperature.

    In my lifetime alone we have invented and distributed television, cellphones, computers and personal devices of every kind. Each and every one of these trillions of devices is converting matter into energy and releasing the excess into the atmosphere. Put simply, we are making heat faster than the planet can bleed it off into space.

    Think of the Earth as a carboy, an enclosed container with water, sugar and yeast. As the container warms up the yeast finds life easier. They eat, excrete and reproduce constantly until the container is filled with their byproduct to the point where they drown in it and begin to ferment. If yeast were not so brainless perhaps they would do something different for once and we would have to do without our beer.

    If man were not so clueless perhaps we would not do the same thing.

    Climate change is probably also caused by minor variations in the Earth's orbit, but I dare to suggest that the constant emission of microwave signals around the globe has accelerated the process and is turning us into a giant oven. The automobile certainly causes pollution, but in recent years has been surpassed by the cellphone and ipad.

    Is this important? What is overlooked in all the argument over the base cause we are forgetting that pollution can kill us even if it does not kill everything else. We are soiling our own nest so the big birds can have more than the little birds do, but there are no other trees to build in.

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    Okay so I think I understand you - as far as you understand it global warming is proved by basic chemistry and changes in weather. And also what is happening to animal life? And because we burn fossil fuel we must be causing all the global warming. So it must be happening! This is your reason!

    Not to sound disrespectful but I understand that you care about the animals and the trees but do you understand any actual science never mind climate science? Have you an understanding about the documented massive uncertainties(Google IPCC & Royal Society) in climate science specifically with radiative forcing and climate sensitivity? Do you know about other periods of recent warming like the Medieval Warm Period or during Roman times when it was much warmer although there were no factories or SUV's

    I am not a believer or a denier but as a scientist I care about the environment but understand the huge grey areas!

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    So what's the solution chemistry expert?

    1. Stop chopping down the rain forests that absorb the CO2? But then there's not enough land to graze the cattle for cheap beefburgers.

    2. Stop importing stuff from India and China until they clean up their industry? But then who make cheap ipads and run rude call centres?

    3. Stop people in the third world driving old cars into overcrowded cities and pointlessly burning petrol just siting in traffic jams? But city-dwellers do the same in London and New York (just with newer cars).

    4. Develop half a dozen new nuclear power stations to power the country? That sounds complicated; we might have managed it in the 1950s with a massive debt and rationing but surely we couldn't manage it today.

    5. Cover the country in wind turbines, then cover the country in power lines to connect them, then build some more gas power stations for when the wind stops? Well, that sounds mad and pointless, but I'm sure some foreign companies would do it if we pay them enough. And at least it's doing something, even if it doesn't actually save any CO2.

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    All of this wisdom coming from a person who does not understand the difference between carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

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    Yes, I see the change! It was definitely hotter than last year, and the storms are getting worse and worse and worse, and weird too. It's lightning outside right now and it's 4:30 am. Thunderstorms at NIGHT!!! they never happened at night before and now they happening all the time. People living in desert regions in Africa are suffering and it's all because excess CO2 is causing drought in the deserts there. It also seems there are more prostitutes in the Philipeans now. Many people are also using religious beliefs to commit mass murder but we know the truth, they're just hungry and fighting over scarce resources that have been diminished further by excess CO2 in the atmosphere. Why oh why can't deniers see the truth is beyond my comprehension.

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