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What nationality are people from Burkina Faso?

People from Congo; whether democratic rebublic or the other one, are Congolese.

Sudanese are now either North Sudanese or South Sudanese.

And I cringed when I heard a 2010 World Cup commentator describe the players in the Ivory Coast team as 'Ivorians'

But what do we call people from Burkina Faso?


Burkina Fasians?

And do Nigerians come from Nigeria and Niger?

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    The correct word is Burkinabè. Burkinabè means upright people and Burkina Faso means the land of the Burkinabè. When it comes to football commentary, it's probably easiest to call them "the team from Burkina Faso".

    People from Nigeria are Nigerians. People from Niger are Nigeriens (pronounced as a Frenchman would say it).

  • 7 years ago

    Normally we just say he or she is from Burkina Faso. But if you must use nationality like congolese for Congo, cameroonian for cameroon, then you'll have to borrow from the french which is Burkinabé. I have heard about Burkinese but i'm not sure. it sounds weird.

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