My left jaw hurts really bad?

I felt fine a 1hr or 2hrs ago When I was massaging my jaw then when I moved my neck I just felt this sharp pain under my ear on my jaw

When I move my neck it hurts

When I move my jaw it hurts bad

It feels a liltle bit swollen then the other side

Every time I move my jaw it hurts really bad

When I bite down it dosnt hurt

Is my jaw broken!?!?!

I'm so scared I don't wanna go to my DR.

Can it heal by it's self do I need to put ice on it ?

Every time I swallow it hurts my jaw

When I move my jaw side to side it hurts so bad

When I open my jaw it hurts even worse

I got a head ach from this pain


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  • Mieren
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    7 years ago
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    That sounds like a problem with your sinuses or ears. They're connected, so a problem with one can often cause problems in both areas. The swelling you feel under your jaw is probably just a swollen lymph node. That's actually what doctors are poking on either side of the neck. You probably have an infection, so you can either wait it out or go to a doctor. Most of them are minor and will go away within a week.

    Don't use ice. That will make it worse. Depending on what exactly you caught, a heating pad might actually hurt. If you can get a cup of hot broth to sip on, that will help a lot with the pressure in your head and ears.

    Take sudafed to ease any sinus congestion that you may have. It's at least part of the cause of headaches and ear aches. For the pain and swelling, take advil or aleve, whichever works better for you. If you have a fever, take aspirin to bring it down. Drink plenty of water to make sure you don't get dehydrated, because that will make the problem much worse. Since moving your jaw hurts, use a straw.

  • Beth
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    4 years ago

    TMJ is an inflammation of the temporal mandibular joint. If only one side hurts it is likely that you have been using one side of your mouth to crush harder foods, candy, ice or received an impact in that side of your jaw. It is also possible that you have an infected eustation tube or an ear infection. Your wisdom teeth might also cause this type of pain. I suggest a visit to a dentist or doctor to determine exactly what is happening before it becomes too painful.

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