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Do you realize if your pro-choice you can't really claim to believe in the sanctity of life, continued below?

Being pro-life like myself means we respect all life from conception to death, just saying! Thanks for your Yahoo Answers discussion time, take care!

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    By your logic pf respecting "all life forms" it means you cannot eat meat because it comes from animals, which are living things. Nor can you eat vegetables because those live as well. Nor can you eat bread since it comes from wheat. Basically believing in the sanctity of "all life" is hypocritical since it does not give consideration to all life.

    Your reply will be something like "HUMAN life" or the like.

    Well guess what? THAT is part of the debate, and not a part that can really be proven: is the unborn fetus considered a human? People claim it is because it has human features. Others claim it is not fully human since it will be unable to survive outside the womb.

    And let's consider the NEXT issue here; if you make abortions illegal, do you know what will happen? Hint: it won't stop abortions. It will just mean that all abortions will be illegal. And women who want one will find one in the end. And those abortions are not exactly sanitary and are not exactly performed professionally. This means that you risk the life of the mother as well.

    And let's also use the fact that most pro-life agenda is against contraception/birth control. Now why does that matter? Because most such people later claim that the woman should not have had the child if she could not afford it. But they are the ones that prevented her from doing something about it.

    And lets go a step further: what about a child conceived from rape? Would you really look your future 14 year old daughter in the eye and say "I'm sorry you got raped but you are not having an abortion"? Do you really think she would be ready? Now I know it is not necessarily a likely scenario but it certainly is possible.

    The point is that pro-choice agenda does not FORCE abortions but gives the option. You don't want to have an abortion? Don't have one. But that does NOT give you the right to prevent OTHERS from having one if they want one.

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    I can be pro-choice and believe in the sanctity of life without suffering mental anguish. What I believe guides my life and only my life. It has nothing to do with the fact that I respect the right of others to form and to act on their own beliefs, even if those beliefs contradict my own. I have no right to inflict my beliefs on others in a free country. That we Americans all have "freedom of conscience" has been the rule for a few centuries now. My beliefs can only guide my own actions, not the actions of others. I don't believe in "group think", which is a form of oppression.

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    If believing in the "sanctity" of life means turning adult human beings into slaves for something that is growing inside of them, then I'm fine with not caring about the "sanctity of life." The "sanctity of life" is worthless if it's only use is to give unaware unfeeling beings rights that trump those of fully concious and aware human beings.

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    ......and yet, most people who CLAIM they are Pro Life are actually also Pro Death Penalty, so your theory goes right out the window.

    I, on the other hand, am ENTIRELY pro life ... for things that are ALIVE.

    Like making sure real, living, adult women have the right to make the choice, if necessary or required, to save her own life. .

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    I respect all life that has meaning. A single cell, not capable of thought, feeling, or many of the normal processes humans perform is not a life. It is completely dependent on a host.

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    I agree

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