The negative charge, -q1, to the west of point P, creates an electric field, E1, of magnitude 10.0 N/C at posi?

The negative charge, -q1, to the west of point P, creates an electric field, E1, of magnitude 10.0 N/C at position P. The positive charge, q2, to the south of point P, creates and electric field, E2, of magnitude 25.0 N/C at position P.

The direction of the total electric field at position P is

a. 68.2o S of W

b. 68.2o N of W

c. 21.8o S of W

d. 21.8o N of W

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  • 8 years ago
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    by tanθ = 10/25 = 0.4 = tan21.8*

    =>θ = 21.8* W of N

    =>b. 68.2* N of W

  • 4 years ago

    Responder dennis_d_worm 's answer is mindless; ten joules isn't that plenty capability. enable's initiate over. we could placed a cost on the sulfur sphere such that the electrostatic charm created via that value interacting with the defined field equals the burden of the international. to purpose this, we could comprehend the electrostatic skill of the international, which has a mass of 320 grams. the size of unquestionably one in all those sphere may be on the order of ten centimeters diameter. To get the skill, we multiply this via the permittivity of empty section, 8.80 5 E-12 farads/meter, and get a skill of roughly one picofarad. a cost of 50 millicoulombs on unquestionably one in all those capacitor equates to a voltage skill of 50 gigavolts, that's a techniques too great to generate via any means now attainable. and however in case you may generate it, it would straight away expend via corona discharge. The human physique, as a capacitor, has a capacitance of a few picofarads. it quite isn't plenty, yet is sufficient to reason a detectable glow in case you carry one probe of a neon-lamp circuit tester in one hand and stick distinctive probe maximum appropriate right into a one hundred twenty-volt outlet. the present bypass generated via your physique capacitance is sufficient to generate a faint glow; that's a techniques too small to experience, now no longer to show be risky. workout: calculate this present day-day for a guy one million.8 meters tall, decrease than the situations named.

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