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YWWE Smackdown pick winners and rate matches and show?

GM- Eric Bischoff

World Heavyweight Champion- Vacant

United States Champion- Christian

Cruiserweight Champion- Justin Gabriel

Diva's Champion- Beth Phoenix

WWE Tag Team Champions- John Morrison & Kaval

Muhammed Hassan comes to the ring with Eric Young, Daivari, Taka Michinoku, Essa Rios, Naito, Yujiro, Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali. He says he demands to be advanced in the World Heavyweight Tournament. His "partner" if you can call him that, John Morrison screwed him out of a chance at the title. He wants Eric Bischoff to come out here and personally give Hassan his spot back. John Morrison's music hits and out he comes. He looks at Hassan strangely. He apologizes for gawking, but Hassan is a nut. Morrison didnt screw Hassan because if he screwed Hassan, He screwed himself too. And Morrison had a brief one month taste of that gold and he is absolutly stunned how Hassan thinks Morrison would screw himself out of a chance to taste the gold again. Hassan says Morrison screwed Hassan. GM, Eric Bischoff comes out and says he isn't going to give Hassan re-entry to the tournament. He lost. But what he will do is give Hassan a match at Judgement Day against John Morrison, with the winner getting a World Heavyweight title shot. And tonight he is going to do Hassan a favor, even though he really doesn't want to. Tonight Hassan has the night off and Morrison will be in a handicapped match against Eric Young and Daivari. And if Young and Daivari win, they will get a WWE Tag Team Title match against John Morrison and Kaval next week

1. Natalya w/ Beth Phoenix v Lita

Cameras go backstage to Bryan Danielson's lockerroom as he is found laying unconscious with an Iraqi flag drapped over him.

2. Eric Young & Daivari v John Morrison

It is announced that Danielson cannot team with the Undertaker in the Quarter finals of the World Heavyweight Tournement so Smackdown draft pick, Randy Orton will team with Taker to take on Edge & Christian

Interveiw with Scott Steiner. He says he shouldve been picked to team with Taker instead of Orton. Who the hell is Orton anyway? Someone is going to pay

3. Booker T. & Eddie Guerrero v Kaval & Rey Mysterio (quarterfinal of the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament)

Interveiw with Muhammed Hassan. He is asked if he was the one who attacked Danielson givent he Iraqi flag drapped over him. Hassan says he is pissed off that he wasn't put back in the tournament, but to assume he was responisble is racist. It was Angle. Angle has beef with Danielson.

4. Justin Gabriel v Tajiri

Post Match- Austin Aries comes out and lays Gabriel out with a Brainbuster, then goes up top for a 450 Splash then locks in the Last Chancery as officials try to pull him off

5. Undertaker & Randy Orton v Edge & Christian (Quarterfinals of the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament)

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    Opening Segment-You said screw a lot, hahaha. 8/10

    Match 1-Lita wins, very solid diva's match. 9/10

    "D Bry attacked by terrorist" segment-9/10

    Match 2-John wins by DQ. 9/10

    Scott Steiner interview-Scott doesn't know who Randy is? Must be the steroids. 8/10

    Match 3-Booker and Eddie win. 9/10

    Muhammad Hassan interview-Ha! Hilarious, and genius. You used the word beef in the same sentence as D Bry's name, he's a vegan. Funny. 9/10

    Match 4-Tajiri wins. 9/10

    Post Match-Sick. 9/10

    Match 5-E and C win. 10/10

    Show Grades:

    Wrestling Value: 46/50 A

    Entertainment Value: 43/50 B+

    Show Value: 89/100 B+

    Show Wrap Up:

    Match of the Night: Deadman/Viper v E and C

    Trash of the Night: NONE

    Segment/Promo of the Night: The Muhammad Interview

    Closing Comments: Solid SD. Everything was smooth, every match was bomb. I'm liking the Muhammad character, and the tag team tourney. Good job.

  • Promo 1-8/10

    Match 1-winner Lita-9/10

    Promo 2-8/10

    Match 2-winner John Morrison-6/10

    Promo 3-9/10

    Promo 4-8/10

    Match 3-winners Booker T & Eddie Guerrero-8/10

    Promo 5-8/10

    Match 4-winner Justin Gabriel-7.5/10

    Post Match-8/10

    Match 5-winners Undertaker & Randy Orton-10/10

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    1. Beth Phonex after a distraction from Lita 6/10

    2. Eric Young & Devari after the match Hassan comes out and they beat down John Morison 9/10

    3. Booker T & Eddie Booker T pins Kaval after a scissor kick 8/10

    4. Tajiri after green mist 7/10

    5. Taker and Orton after a RKO to edge outside the ring followed up by a Tombstone piledriver to Christian inside the ring 10/10

    8/10 very good show

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    ( Match # 1 ) - Singles w/ Manager Match

    Natalya ( w/ Beth Phoenix ) vs. Lita ( 0 / 10 )

    Winner(s): Natalya

    Comments: Litas losing streak continues, only this time it was her own fault. Also, Natalya was managed by the Divas Champion, only makes sense that she would win. This was a great way to open the show, Lita has not officially reached jobber status, but she is getting dangerously close. Phoenix leaves at one point during the match, distracting Natalya for a nearfall, but she reverse the rollup into a sharpshooter for the victory.

    ( Match # 2 ) - 2-On-1 Handicap Match

    Eric Young & Daivari vs. John Morrison ( 10 / 10 )

    Winner(s): Eric Young & Daivari

    Comments: They earn shots at the tag team championship, but so does Hassan, and Christian should be defending his United States Championship against Benoit or Jericho or somebody. Kaval is not happy that they have to defend their tag team championships, especially when he has to keep winning in order for them to make sure they do not have more challengers.

    ( Match # 3 ) - Elite 8 World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match

    Booker T & Eddie Guerrero vs. Kaval & Rey Mysterio ( 7 / 10 )

    Winner(s): Kaval & Rey Mysterio

    Comments: Even though Kaval should be forced to relinquish his half of the tag team championship if he wishes to continue in this tournament. Or perhaps Kaval will let Mysterio win, but if that happens he will have to defend the tag team championships against Mysterio at some point. Booker hits Guerrero with the book end and forces him to fend for himself, it becomes too much for him.

    ( Match # 4 ) - Singles Match

    Justin Gabriel vs. Tajiri ( 5 / 10 )

    Winner(s): Justin Gabriel

    Comments: Big victory for Gabriel here, unfortunately it has very little effect on anything. Seems to me like the winner was doomed to get beat down by Aries either way, unless he has something against Gabriel that I am not aware of. This match should have been right after the Divas match, showcasing the young talent beating veterans in the middle of the ring. Tajiri spits green mist into the eyes of the referee so when other members of NeXus come out to beatdown Tajiri the referee has no idea.

    ( Main Event ) - Elite 8 World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match

    The UnderTaker & Randy Orton vs. Edge & Christian ( 10 / 10 )

    Winner(s): Edge & Christian

    Comments: Again Christian should have to give up the United States Championship to continue in this tournament. Either that or you just want him to lay down and let Edge pin him, but if that happens he will have to defend the championship against Edge if Edge does not win the World Title. Orton RKOs The UnderTaker causing them to be eliminated from the tournament.

    --------OVERALL: 6 / 10

    Very interesting collection of guys in the ring for that opening segment. Scott Steiner is too good to be used as a joke like this. He better be the one who laid Danielson out. Wrestling segments are not supposed to be funny. They are supposed to be serious, if they are necessary at all. Lets be clear we are talking about Bryan Danielson, not Daniel Bryan. For all we know Danielson eats meat every three seconds. SmackDown could stand to have another match added to the card. I like that you are using Hassan, great wrestler, completely unappreciated. Excellent show full of betrayals and shocking winners.

    Show Grades:

    Wrestling Value: D-

    Entertainment Value: B+

    Show Value: C-

    Match of the Night(the real main event): Eric Young & Daivari vs. John Morrison

    Promo of the Night: Hassan's Army Opening The Show

    Word To The Wise

    Source(s): Free Your Mind
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    Promo one million(10/10) experience one million-winner Tyson Kidd(9/10) submit experience(10/10) experience 2-winner Kaval(9/10) experience 3-winner King Booker(8/10) submit experience(10/10) experience 4-winner Jack Swagger(10/10) experience 5-winner Batista(10/10) submit experience(10/10)

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