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Fantasy Best WR Combo?

Can you rank the best WR Combos 1-12 (1 best, 12 worst)?

A. Greg Jennings/Dez Bryant/Darrius Heyward-Bey

B. Mike Wallace/Demaryius Thomas/Reggie Wayne

C. Andre Johnson/Santonio Holmes/Justin Blackmon OR Mike Williams (TB) [pick better WR3]

D. Brandon Marshall/Percy Harvin/DeSean Jackson

E. Roddy White/Marques Colston/Antonio Brown

F. Calvin Johnson/Larry Fitzgerald/Brandon Lloyd

G. Jordy Nelson/Robert Meachem/Pierre Garcon

H. Wes Welker/Jeremy Maclin/Eric Decker

I. Steve Smith (CAR)/Miles Austin/Stevie Johnson OR Torrey Smith [pick better WR3]

J. Victor Cruz/Dwayne Bowe/Lance Moore

K. Hakeem Nicks/Vincent Jackson/Kenny Britt

L. A.J. Green/Julio Jones/Denarius Moore

Just curious to see your opinions on how good some of these WR corps are. Thanks


If you would like, just rank the best 3.

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    F - far and away the best. Calvin is the 1st tier at WR, after him is the first dropoff. Fitz is top-3 and Lloyd is around the top 15

    E - Roddy White's decline began last year, i think it'll continue... i think of him as a WR2. Colston would be the WR1 of the bunch, and Antonio Brown broke out last year. he should be solid for years to come

    D - Marshall could very well finish in the top 3-5 of WRs this year. Harvin is dangerous, and D. Jackson can't be nearly as bad as last year... he'll be somewhere between a decent WR2 and a high-end WR3

    L - this group is on their way up. at least the first 2 are, i'm not sold on Moore yet

    J - could be good, i don't think Cruz repeats 2011

    K - without Britt's DUI, this group might have been higher, although i have my doubts about Jackson's value in TB... he'll be the #1 there, but i don't think there are #1 numbers to be had on that team

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    1. F Johnson Fitz and Lloyd

    2 I Steve Smith Austin and Stevie Johnson

    3 C Andre Johnson Holmes, and Mike Williams

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