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What is P90X? What shall I do?

What is it? I've heard it's a weight loss, muscle building programme. My friend told me, but she didn't tell me much and now she's on holiday. She's done it before. I really want to do it?

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    8 years ago
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    It's a workout collection of videos. Each video has a different premise. One Day it'll have you working on legs and back, the other may be your core. It's a great program and I recommend it highly if you want to get in shape. It may be tough though if you are not already in decent shape, because I'm 17 and when I started, it wasn't a breeze. And I was in soccer shape too.

    P90x tends to lean more towards muscle building though, so if you wanna be doing more cardio related things, it may not be the greatest. It does have like 4 discs that are just cardio/ moving.

    P90x is great and I hope u get it. Btw don't get p90x2, it isn't as good as the first.

    Source(s): P90x user and grad
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