Can you get a job if you are 14?

I'm only 14 and kinda need a job. I don't want to mow somebody lawn and babysitting, what i need is a real official job, like Mcdonald or Starbuck or somesort. Any one have any idea how to get a job like that even when you under 16?

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    8 years ago
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    Yes, A concession stand. Maybe at a local track or event/shows. I started there at 14. However hours are limited because of school. But mcdonalds wont hire you at 14 same with DDs, wendys, and all that. Avoid chain stores like that because they have a strict policy.

  • 8 years ago

    Unfortunately you're kinda stuck with the jobs like handyman, babysitting, mow lawns, etc. Established companies (I.e. Starbucks) are legally required to wait until you're of a certain age (varies by State) to hire you. There are certain things that minors cannot legally work with so it's easier to hire someone over certain ages. Think of it this way - all money you earn is yours and doesn't go to Uncle Sam like the rest of us working stiffs.

    Source(s): Shift lead at a pizza place.
  • Check the web site for the state Department of Labor in your state. You should be able to find information there on what types of jobs your state laws allow for a 14 year old, and also on what type of documentation you will need if you're able to get a job. Many states require that teenagers fill out documents called "working papers" (the official name may be something different, such as "youth employment certificate"), and the rules and procedures vary from state to state. Again, your state Department of Labor web site should be a good source of information on how to get your working papers.

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