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Blessing, What we Misunderstand about God's Blessings!!!!!?

What do you think the word blessing means? last week I taught on this topic on the Radio and I was very pleased to see so many people tune in and today I will be sharing more on this very topic.

Many times we think what we are facing is the worst and that no one else is going through what we are and so we can't see just how blessed we really are until we see or hear someone else story and than we see they are worst off than what you are..

Know when you are blessed! And thank God for every blessing that comes your way..

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    Thank you very much for your statements.

    Many people, including Christians, feel being blessed as being finacially rich, big homes, fancy cars and fame. I feel I am greatly blessed when I look at my wife, talk with my children and hear my granson say "Hi Pappa". I'm blessed to live in a country where I can worship God freely, not having to worry about having my town bombed or someone walking into the grocery store and blowing themselves up taking innocent ppl with them.

    I spend much less time asking God for something than I do thanking Him for all that He has blessed me with. When a I meet a friend and he/she asks me how I am my aswer is always "Blessed. , thank you for asking" that response leads to a lot of open doors to witness for God.

    Sure I still have a mortgage and bills to pay. I get attacked with sickness. But I refuse to blame God for my lack. I know if He had His way I would have more than enough. It is often my doubt and wavering faith that hinders Him.

    When my eyes open in the morning I take the time to thank God for all that He has given me and I thank Him throughout the day. It is very hard to not see one of His blessing each hour of my day.

    Am I rich? You bet I am. I'm rich with the things that really matter in life. Thank you for encouraging each of us to count our blessings Desiray. Have a blessedly abundant day.

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    To be able to speak of Him, to have even slightest faith. To have heard about Him, these are all His acts of grace, His blessing.

    Even the pains. God uses sorrow to reel us in towards Him. This is the only way to detach us from illusion that fulfilling one desire after another will give us lasting happiness. It is hindu and bhuddist philosophy not to look for safety and comforts from this world.

    He gives these experiences to teach that these comforts dont last. Money, loved ones, youth, good health and even honor are all passing, slipping from our hand with time. They are all lost in a moment. What lasts is joy of being selfless in love of God. Devotion.

    If you love God, sorrow is inevitable. But lasting bliss is not too far.. Sorrow is His gift to wean us away from attachments of ego. Like a mother weans a child away from bottled milk when its time, to even letting her cry for a moment or two. God weans us away using sorrow. He loves us, sorrows are His loving gifts to bring us closer.

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