How do I get into a ps3 xp lobby on black ops?

Im a level 31 an it's very hard to level up so I wanted to know how to get into a xp lobby

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  • 8 years ago
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  • 4 years ago

    likely a hacked foyer, or a hardship-loose glitch. attempt to restart your PS3, bypass to SONY for steps on a thank you to try this, and spot if the difficulty nonetheless happens. that is probable an infection meaning your account may well be hacked consistently. the only thank you to do away with that is to jailbreak your PS3 your self and do away with it that way, or in simple terms make a sparkling account. Hackers have not yet made it onto BO2 servers as of yet, yet equipment faults and such are hardship-loose. in case you nonetheless have subject call SONY, or Activision/Treyarch and record the hack to them quickly. Thats approximately all you're able to do bud.

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