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I had three extraordinary dates with the girl im dating, should i bring the idea of her being my girlfriend?

or me being her boyfriend. we really like each other and she said today was the best date ever. i think i should on the next date or sometime. how should i bring it up? im go with my gut, but my gut would say someting like i really really like her because of how intelligent, beautiful, and sweet she is and that i want to take our relationship to the next level. help?

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    Your probably killing her because u havent asked her yet!

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    You sound like you come to yahoo answers for all your life decisions.. simply because this one is obvious. '' i had 3 extraodinary dates'' you quote. then u ask ''should i bring the idea of her being my girlfriend'' - Isnt that a bit obvious? Yes ofcourse you should bring the idea. But remember every girl and guy is nice at the begginning becuase nobody wants to look bad. But once their all comfortable , thats when you really see the true colours

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