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is it weird to be friends with my ex bf's dad? =s?

ok so me and my ex have been broken up for ages now.. and i have met someone new and i am now in a new relationship, but i am friends with my x boyfriends dad still.. we text and he would give me a lift the odd time and we go out walking sometimes to keep fit friend has told me it is weird so thought i would ask on this.. what do you's think?

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  • ryan
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    8 years ago

    it does sound weird from this perspective, but i don't know your full relationship with your ex's dads. it could be good to stay in touch with him, it may be bad. if you feel fine being his friend then continue to do so. other people feeling weird about it isn't a good enough excuse.

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    Hmm.... Yeah that is wierd. If it was his mom then that would be better, but that is a grown man. So my advice to you is to stop texting & hanging out with this guy.

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