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Have you ever watched a movie even though you knew it would be terrible?

BQ: Can you name some of them?

BQ 2: What was the last movie you saw?

BQ 3: Can you rate it out of 10?

Have a nice day :D

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    Oh yes!

    some movies are so terrible that they're awesome. Some of Peter Jackson's early movies were absolutely dire but I loved them.


    Braindead - The description on Wikipedia begins... "The first scene of the movie sets up the danger of the Sumatran Rat-Monkey, a hybrid that, "according to legend", resulted from the rape of tree monkeys on Skull Island by plague rats."

    Bad Taste - There's a bit where somebody tries to blow up a house with a rocket launcher and it goes through two windows and hits a sheep, but the special effects are so poor it's absolutely hilarious.

    The Kickboxer - I knew this was a really crappy movie, because JCVD is probably the worst actor ever, but I love watching his films.

    BQ2: Well, the last movie I saw was The Dark Knight Rises, which I finally watched last night. Wow.

    BQ3: 10/10, absolutely blew me away. Of all the actors in the movie, not a single one of them gave a less than brilliant performance. Beyond reproach.


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    1. Halloween 2. Nightmare On Elm street 3. Friday The 13th four. Orphan 5. The Hils Run crimson (in no way noticed earlier than however i've heard of it) 6. Youngster's Play (Any of those are humorous and scary) 7. The masks Maker 8. The Ring 9. Paranormal recreation 1,2,three 10. One neglected call eleven. The rest discontinue, The relaxation discontinue 2 12. Noticed 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 thirteen. Trick-Or-treat 14. My tremendous Phsyco candy 16 My tremendous Physco sweet 16 2 i will be able to keep on occurring all day. I like horrifying movies<three i'm hoping I helped :) Have enjoyable :) And for those who go on google or youtube they've a variety of cool scary film ideas. Also an additional is anything with dolls or ventriloquist dolls:) like lifeless scilence.

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    The Happening


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    Yes. I watched Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter.



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    Yes quite a few times.

    It's easier to make comment on a movie if you've actually seen it. Some times I just want to see if the movie really is as bad as the reviews made it out to be.


    Valentines Day

    PS I Love You

    Sex and the City 1 + 2

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    and I am thinking of doing the same thing with Costner's "The Postman" to see if it is as bad as everyone else says it is.



    An independent movie, 2009, about an elderly man walking out of his retirement home to return to his farm, to find it now being leased out to someone he detests by his son -- and the ensuing show down.

    I liked the movie, and give it an 8 out of 10. A small, pleasurable movie. The pleasure is not in that everything that happens in the movie is nice, but because itis a nicely made movie. Hal Hobrooke's acting is the key to its high score.

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    Absolutely, when the name 'tom cruise' comes up on the credits, I have a pretty good idea it will be bad (days of thunder, cocktail etc).

    I watched the new Piranha movie pretty recently, it was as bad as expected but not as cheesy and fun as the original. Humanoids from the Deep was a classic bad movie that gets a '10.'

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    Yes! Me and some friends have Zombie Movie Tuesdays, we just watch any zombie film.

    BQ: While most of the Zombie films we see are awesome, I just had to see this one called Gangs of the Dead (Last Rites). I knew it would be terrible, I just wanted to laugh haha. Well It was pretty terrible.

    BQ2: Rammbock: Berlin Undead (2010)

    BQ3: 8/10 One of the best Zombie films I have seen. Loved it.

    Thanks, You Too.

  • Malibu Shark Attack, terrible as hell.

    The Dark Knight

    10/10 - Best Batman movie ever!!

  • BQ: New Moon, geez I can't remember why I watched it! I didn't even finish it, it sucked so bad!

    BQ2: Hot Fuzz, but that's my favorite movie

    BQ3: Probably 2/10.

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