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My school has had open gym for tryouts is there any way i could make the team or what's some things i could do?

For volleyball .....

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    well first you should try to go every chance you can get so the coaches notice you. Second; when at tryouts make sure the coaches notice you, and be willing to do anything the coaches ask for and do the best you can at it. Third an finally; be the best you can, give it 200% and then some, bring out the best in not only yourself but others, which will make you standout as a leader.... Coaches love that, especially if you're young and can be around for as long as possible

    Source(s): I played varsity basketball as a freshman, as well as two lead roles in plays held by my school drama club as a freshman
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    You need to attend all opportunities that they coaches are giving you. Coming from a 8 year volleyball player and athlete, open gyms are the coaches way of testing and seeing who wants to be here, who really wants this.Who is going to show up to practices and open gyms that aren't mandatory? Those are the questions that they ask themselves. Show them you are ready to perform and do your absolute best. Go in with the mentality that i want a spot on this team, i know im good enough and ill do whatever it takes to show them im worth keeping. PLAY HARD,PLAY SMART, PLAY DEDICATED, LOVE THE GAME! Good luck!!

    Source(s): 8 year volleyball player, 14 year athlete
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    Honestly, just keep training and you'll get better. If you're a freshman, trying out will be a lot easier because they usually accept freshman because they train them. If you're older, just really put your energy into it and keep practicing. If there's a park you can go to to play volleyball, go! That's the only way to make tryouts easier. Practice! Good luck!

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