Do parents force their children into becoming gymnists?

I see a lot of 2-6 years old gymnists and I bit they didn't even know what gymnastics is when they first started

Do they force them? Or it's their choice?

And by the way my 14 years old friend just started gymnastics (she doesn't have any backgrounds but she's really good at sports) her coach says shes really good and she has really good potentials could she become an elite gymnists before she's 18? She's willing to work everyday for more than 6 hours of she has to

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  • 8 years ago
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    Being honest I think some parents do force their children into certain sports! They may of done it and didn't achieve what they thought they might and are living there dreams through their kids.

    On the other daughter has been doing karate since she was 4 ( she is 5 now) and it was completely her choice! She started school and saw it and wanted to try, she is now up to orange belt and came second in a competition, I was reluctant for her to do it but she loves it! She is the one telling me she will be okay! She has now taken up swimming and gymnastics and its all down to her, she is very sporty and loves watching any sports on the TV too!

    I believe if you love sports it is never too old or young to do something but only if the individual wants to do it, there is no point forcing a child to something he or she doesn't want to do as they will not put the effort in or pay attention and that's where injuries can happen!

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    8 years ago

    Force is a strong word...

    Do they force them... Probably slightly.. But you kinda have to do that at that age for them to do anything.. otherwise they would not do anything...

    Im sure they talk about the pros of being in gymnastics, tell them the possibilities if they do it long term, tell them to try it for a year.

    But like i said, if you didn't, they will sit on the couch, color or play video games.. Id much rather talk my child into doing something then letting them do what they want (nothing)

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  • 8 years ago

    Some parents are prone to living their lives through their kids. Or, maybe they were raised with their parents forcing them to do something.

    I think it's just parents wanting their children to have hobbies to become interesting people when they're older, but of course we all lead our own lives so who we are depends on us.

    That's my opinion anyway.x

  • No, parents don't force you unless it's something good for you and you don't want to

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