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Uses for frozen overripe bananas?

I have about six frozen bananas. I froze them when they were in their overripe "banana bread" stage to make bread and/or muffins with later. However, I'm kind of getting sick of them since they're the only things I know how to make with overripe bananas.

I'm wondering if there are any other recipes/baked goods that use overripe bananas? I would obviously thaw them before using them.

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    pancakes, smoothie, slushes, or ice cream like soft serve even asian deep fried banana balls like potatoe balls

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    You Can make Banana Shake

    Very Ripe Bananas (Chilled)

    Sugar or Honey

    High Fat Milk (Chilled)

    A Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream (Optional)

    Blend Bananas with Sweeteners and Milk till homogenized

    Top it up with Ice-cream or Chopped nuts and enjoy chilled

    Banana Scones

    Blended Ripe Bananas 1 Cup

    White Wheat Flour 2 Cups

    Dessicated Coconut 1/2 Cup

    Sugar or Demerara 1 Cup

    Raisins Few

    Clarified Butter 50 ml

    Baking Powder 1/2 Teaspoon

    Make a batter of dropping consistency with Bananas, Sugar, Flour, Baking Powder and Coconut.

    Heat a nonstick griddle and spoon in the mixture and slightly flatten it and drop few raisins on top

    Reduce flame and cook till you get a caramelized flavour

    Turn it and continue cooking adding Butter to it incessantly

    Press the scone with a flat spoon so as to ensure the center is cooked

    Serve hot accompanied with Hot Milk or Honey or Maple Syrup

    * Remember to grease the pan well... the scone is a little sticky one and use low or medium flame only otherwise you'd end up burning the scone and the center would remain uncooked. These scones are good for Breakfast, Brunch or Evening Tea. And a good snack for the kids

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    Have you thought of Banana Pancakes? It was 1 of my favorite special breakfasts, as a kid. Mom would make them when she had 1 or two reaching that stage.

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    Banana.... (pause for dramatic effect)... bread, muffins, cookies, cakes, almost any baked goods. ESPECIALLY banana bread.

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    Mash them with an equal amount of peanut butter and make a sandwich.

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    banana bread or banana shake

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