Red blotches/spots on skin?

I have had this since I was a baby and it has always bothered me. I have red blotches/spots next to my nose, eye, and on my lip. It is not a dry patch of skin, or raised. It is not acne either. It becomes more prominent after I shower or exercise. Does anyone know what this is? It is only on the left side of my face really.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It may be Roseacea which is an inflamatory response to something around you. The best non prescription thing I know of is the Rodan and Feilds SOOTHE product. It has an antiinflamatory agent that stops the red in as little as 5 minutes. I get mine from GOHHM.COM under the Rodan and Feilds Banner

  • 4 years ago

    I had that once i became into like 7. i can't remember the right call for it yet its additionally stated as slapped cheek syndrome because of the fact your face has long previous all purple as though somebody has slapped you.. circulate on your wellness care expert & they are going to offer you the ideal suited cream.. I had to stay away interior for 2 weeks with it because of the fact its very actual unfold. you won't have it that long nevertheless...

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