What kind of make up should I use?

These are my face characteristic's:

-kinda pale skin

-blueish hazel eyes

-dirty blond hair

-kinda light colored lips

-short eye lashes

I don't really know what people need to know for characteristics but I gave it my best. :D

By the way: I want to go for a more "inasint" cute look instead of sexy look

3 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    I think I know what you should use, because I have pretty much the exact same characteristics as you.

    -hazel eyes

    -short eyelashes

    -light lips

    -dirty blonde hair

    To look more innocent instead of sexy, I use light makeup, not a whole lot.

    I put on a small amount of mascara,

    light eyeshadow (silver, tan, grey)

    bronzer (like blush but skin colored)

    and a tiny bit of blush


    I use a tiny bit of foundation under my eyes (Try to find one that matches your skin color really well)

  • 8 years ago

    I'm sort of the same, only I have darker lips and med brown hair. I use maybeline matte foundation in medium, 17 blusher in natural, natural collection waterproof mascara and nivea lip gloss in sugar pink (this is a miricle worker on cracked lips) for a cuter look, I don't use any eyeshadow, or a pale / peach (I use models own in peachy keen, it has a pretty sparkle) or even my foundation. When I'm going out, I use black kohl liner (I can't tell you what because it constantly changes, at the moment its BYS that I got free in a magazine) and a grey shadow and blend it upwards so it looks smokey.

    So basically, pale eyeshadow, light foundation, medium blusher, light gloss and small amount of mascara.

    Hope this helped, it does, however look better than the mix match it sounds!

  • 8 years ago


    The word you are looking for is "innocent".

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