Where do computer programmers work?

Yeah i dont understand where they work?? Like would it be downtown in the city or something? Any examples of where they would work? I ask because i may have future plans of trying to see if i can get a job there but id like to know what languages i should learn.. Does anyone know how i could find out, I live in Nashville Tennessee. Thanks in advance.

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    They will generally work in offices large and small, so while most programming jobs would be located in cities there's certainly a number outside as well. You could be working for a company who makes and sells software (like Microsoft, Adobe, etc), or working for a company that makes a computer product which also requires software (like Apple, samsung) or even a company which just uses software but wants their software to do something very specific so they can't just buy it they need to make it themselves (like insurance companies which have many programmers to make the applications which support the people administer insurance policies)

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    If you're going to work in the United States, English should be sufficient. If you're going to work in the Southwest, knowledge of Spanish could come in handy. This applies no matter whether you work in a city or in a more rural setting.

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