Unexplained weird dream sequences!?

Let me just start off by saying that these dreams came out of absolutely nowhere.

Wednesday night I had a dream that I asked my boyfriend if he ever wanted to marry me. He said "probably", and when I woke up I laughed because that's an unusual response. We joked about it later.

Thursday night I had a dream that I took a pregnancy test. I remember being really scared. In my dream the results were negative but the test clearly was positive (weird).

Friday night I had a dream that I was pregnant, and Saturday night (last night) I had a dream that I had a 3 year old daughter.

This is just bizarre to me. I'm not sure if I should just leave it up to coincidence or if it's one of those "predicting the future" type dreams. I've never had a dream sequence like this before.

Anyone have any ideas about what it could mean?

Serious answers only please, I'm tired of punk kids answering my questions.

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  • Oblio
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    8 years ago
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    Dreams can't predict the future. At most all they can do is tell you what you already believe about the future consciously or otherwise. Dreams do not come from nowhere. The more bizarre they are, the more un-processed whatever it is pointing to is.

    If you feel like the dreams are important then they probably are. Some questions you might find interesting to ask yourself is how old your mom was when she had you (or any siblings) and if that lines up with how old you are now or 3 years ago.

    It's hard to come up with interpretations with such little information. Answers will therefor necessarily be limited and probably wrong, so only accept interpretations that *click* for you.

    The baby in your dreams may have nothing at all to do with an actual baby, but rather something that is being cultivated inside of you. I'm assuming this caused a bit of anxiety for you based on my reading of your question, and we don't know if this is good anxiety (promising job interview) or bad anxiety (the rent collector is coming early).

    Is there something new in your life that is big and life changing like a baby would be? I would start there.

  • 4 years ago

    the dream: i'm in a great room, very almost like an extremely great warehouse. each and every of the partitions are white, so i will't tell the place the room ends. i'm tied to the physique of a mattress, which has no mattress, no covers, no longer something. i've got self belief relatively uncomfortable against the physique because it digs into my back (the physique has long wood strips by using fact the mattress help, so it is not a good sq.). whilst that's totally almost insufferable, the physique modifications into one pillow that placed only the place my vertabrae ends, and yet it somewhat is a feather filled pillow, i hit upon it as uncomfortable by using fact the mattress physique. i spoke back a question with this before: "which dream retains coming back to hang-out you?" i've got had this dream for a minimum of 10 situations

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Weird dreams. I am not a punk. You know it might meaan that you are tired and you dont get enough sleep i had one of those dreams before and som time they arent pretty i told my mom about it and she said that i was to tired

    I hoped i helped you out :}

    Source(s): My mom
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