What are some long animes that I can watch?

Hi! ^.^

I'm looking for a long anime, and a lot of different choices. The reason being is, I can't talk to my best friend for three days, and it's going to be hard, so I decided I'm going to do something I love and that's to watch anime!

The ones I already seen:

-Dragonball Z/GT (I loved it, and it was my first anime watched)

-Blood + (I love the action)

-Inyasha/Final Act (Loved and I loved the romanceto it)

-Fruits Basket (Cutest story ever)

-Popotan (Eh, it was okay)

-Elfen Lied (I loved how this story was)

-Kenichi: The Mightest Temple (Loved the action)

-Save Me Lollipop (Eh, for little kids)

-Vampire Knight (Loved it!)

-Sekrei: The Complete Series (It was okay)

-Ouran High School: Host Club (Cute)

-Sekrei: Pure Engagement (It was okay)

-Full Moon (Loved the story)

-Princess Jellyfish (Loved it)

-Rozen Maiden/Traumend (Loved both stories)

-This Ugly Yet Beautiful World (I don't even remember)

-Clannad/After Story (Sad, but cute)

-Soul Eater (Loved)

-Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood (It was a good series)

-High School of the Dead (I liked the blood)

-Chobits (It was alright)

-Aishiteruze Baby (Cute story)

-Another (Loved)

-Death Note (Loved it)

-Bleach (My favorite)

I put my opinion on it too, so you would know what I would think. I'm planning on starting Naruto and Fairy Tale, so I need other long animes than that. lol

Thank you! ^.^

P.S. I would love it if it was on Hulu, Youtube, Crackle, or RealityLapse.com so I can find it.

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