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Date with an internet weirdo?

I just had a second date with some guy I met on an internet dating site. I used to chat with him before when I was in high school. He was way older than me and I was 14. We were in my room kissing and he got on top of me in between my legs. I was wearing a dress. I didn't really mind much, but then he started rubbing my upper thighs and took a peek at my undies. He even smelt my armpit and started licking it (he told me he likes smelly armpits and feet, on our first date...). I told him to stop and he just said that he was joking and continued. I said "stop" in a more stern voice and he didn't. Needless to say, I kicked his a** out.

I don't have much dating experience, but am I the one at fault? Of course I felt uncomfortable, but I said I like it when a guy is rough with me, but I don't know. I am quite confused. Are all guys like this? What is appropriate behaviour for a second date?


I wasn't trying to meet guys online back then. I am 20 years old now.

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    8 years ago
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    First off, please do not generalize the males of the world. It is guys like these that make us males look bad...

    You shouldn't go out with him again. He is only in it for the sex, and frankly, is just a creep.

  • 8 years ago

    Not normal. You said stop, you are not at fault. This guy does NOT sound normal or even likeable... i suggest you don't go out with him again

  • 8 years ago

    No one can force you dear. You did not like so you told.Thats fine.Is it necessary all dates should end up in bed? no.........

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    dont go out with him not all guys are like him..he is sick

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    8 years ago

    DAFUQ? You, ma'am, have a very weird story.... Just don't talk to the guy. And why are you 14 and trying to meet guys online?

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