Trying to meet girls on vacation help please?

Okay so I'm going to Virginia beach for a week with my fam (my parents, grandparents, sister, two little cousins, and aunt and uncle)

Today was the first day and as I was walking the boardwalk I saw a lot of cute girls, usually in pairs or more, or with the family. So I am clueless as to how to approach girls in those situations. I mean I see them looking over at me cuz I know from previous girls I'm a pretty good looking guy (not trying to sound like a douche)

So I feel as though walking on my own looking for girls is weird and especially when they are with their family.

Please help me or give me some advice

All advice is appreciated...thanks :)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    make conversation ask where are they from and let em know that your on vacation that could increase your chance of getting lucky because they will see it as a no strings attached deal

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