Whats going on in her head? Please answer! I'll answer yours too.?

I dated my first and only girlfriend for 7 months and she broke up with me just over a month ago, went out with a guy the next night/then dated him, and they broke up after less than a month. Shes had total of 4 other exes besides me, all lasting under a month and this is probably do in part to the fact that she is very melodramatic, rash, and somewhat spoiled; but for some reason I loved her anyway. When she broke up she made it clear she was uncomfortable talking to me anymore partially because of the breakup and partially because of the new guy so I honored her wish and didnt text her or anything anymore, until yesterday when I randomly texted her about coming by to get my sweatshirt. We ended up talking a little bit and since she never really told me then I asked again why she broke up and she said I didnt trust her, but I actually did, told her so, and she couldnt come up with any time I didnt trust her and kinda beat around the bush. She kept telling me we're done and not getting back together, I said thats fine but for some god only knows reason I wanna get past this and become somewhat friends and she said "well yeah we'll still be friends...but nothing more" and then we briefly began to just make random chit chat like we used to before I had to go and she said just text her only on monday when I was coming. I kinda get the feeling she's just being stubborn and doesnt really wanna actually think about the possibility of "us" again, but at this point that doesnt bother me too much yet I still think I might love her.

Then last night I got a random text from her saying that she'd need to move it to tuesday so her parents would be home, and she sounded pretty uptight again and I got the feeling that she didnt wanna be there when I came and today I saw on facebook her asking one of her friends to go to the mall with her this week and she made it sound kinda urgent so that feels like it confirms that. Whats going on in her mind? I was the best boyfriend she's ever had (everyone thought so and sometimes she'd get really insecure and just have these big "opening up" moments couldnt stop telling me it either) yet she just randomly broke up with me without really wanting to explain why, and even after this other guy she still sounds really uptight and rigid about it.

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  • mJc
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    You are no longer her bf. It's over. Respect her original decision to end the relationship (it's sounds like it was unhealthy anyway) and move on. You will fall in love again someday, just find someone who is less of a drama queen.

  • 8 years ago

    She may have been just too insecure and dramatic, maybe she wanted to end it before you did to save the heartbreak. Shes being uptight and rigid probably because she doesn't want to get hurt emotionally. It's hard to say and she won't talk about it, It's hard for me to say move on from her because I'm in the same-ish situation and it'd be a bit hypocritical

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