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PSYCHICS?!?!? Are they real?!?

Are they're really people out there that can predict the past & future? Some people say they are scam artists but some claim to be real? Is all the medium stuff made up too?

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    There are real psychics. 17 years ago I spoke to a psychic on a hotline who predicted things that would happen with 24 hrs. They did happen. She also predicted my multiple marriages and heartbreak. I laughed it off when she said it, but years later, it all did happen.

    A psychic once predicted that my drinking, clubbing, cussing uncle would become an minister and within a year it happened. This woman never met my uncle, in fact lived in different states.

    Not everyone is real, but they do exist.

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    They function by using cold reading techniques. It's the same thing for people who claim to be prophets in the more religious circles. Some do it subconsciously and are sincerely deluded in thinking what's happening is real. Others are scam artists.

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    None of them have ever been able to show any special abilities under controlled circumstances. Yes, they are scam artists.

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    They can be real, but if they want money its probably a scam/fake

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  • 8 years ago

    Yes, psychics are real. And they are connected to and powered by satan and the demons, so they can be dangerous.

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    I don't know. Probarbly not from the fakes I have seen,However If you find one let me know.

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    8 years ago

    if they had real powers they would have won james randi's million dollar challenge

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