Ideas for Creative Writing class?

I'll be teaching Creative Writing, and I need some ideas of how I could possible structure a 90 minute class. There are not a lot of resources, and most of the students are at risk, etc. I try to make thing relevant, but it's hard to make writing interesting, especially when the school does not have any resources. Any ideas would be welcomed. Thank you.

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  • jen
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Writing prompts- pictures maybe or a line

    we did this game in school everyone writes a line and folds the page over, then passes it to the next person. You are not allowed to read the previous line written. The end result is a senseless story but it's hilarious and might befun for them- I enjoyed it

    how about have a list of prompts- my teacher used to give us first lines and carry on from there. Work sheets to help plot a story

    can just be done on pc and printed out

    i love writing and have been researching everything about it since i was a child

    i did try a creative writing class but found it boring and basic after all i read

    maybe pick a book they may like reading. or write diary entries

    make writing interesting by making it fun, do writing games or find books that will appeal to them

    have you read the freedom writers diary or seen the film? might be inspirational?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Try having the students close their eyes and imagine the place that they love the most. Then having them write 2 paragraphs about it. What it feels like, what it smells like, any memories it brings back. Everyone is a good writer, they just have to tap into their creative side.

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