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I have a knee problem. Help ASAP?

Okay, I've had problems with my left knee for a while. Arthritis runs in my family BIG TIME. But I went to the doctors and he said I have a sloppy knee joint. He says to do excersises to strengthen it. Recommended physical therapy, but there are personal issues going on in my family that is stopping that. Im only 14, so I can't do anything to help it. Do you know any excersises that will help?

What I feel is like a pinching weird gross feeling. Sometimes it pops. It feels like I have something moving inside it. I play multiple sports, and I feel like its holding me back. Please help?

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    Quad,Hip, Hamstring and Gluteal ( Butt muscles) strengthening exercises will help stabilize your knee. It sounds like it is tracking off line because those muscle groups are weak. You can do these at home using your body weight as resistance. Standing knee bends or squats are good for Quad and Gluteal strengthening. Side leg raises are good for hip strengthening-either in standing or lying on your side.As with any exercise program, if any of the exercises cause an increase in pain or symptoms, STOP! You can make things worse. Good Luck, hope this helps.

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