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Teens girls: I have a question about hair?

So school is going to start soon and I wanna start doing my hair. I really like it curled (If you saw that pic of me I posted like yesterday and the day before I mean like that) should I culr my hair and put like a bump on the top? Should I curl it and put it in a pony tail. I just need some suggestions on cute hair styles for the rest of the year. Pictures would help too. I did ask this before but got like no answers.

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    First off I love your icon I'm a directioner of course but anyways here is a website to look at seriously cute curly hairstyles

    Oh and here a website with over 101 tutorials on hair

    I really hope I helped you


  • No bumps. I have a beach wave hairstyle I always use--no heat!

    Take a shower and towel dry your damp hair. Make sure it is still somewhat wet. But a little close to drying. Then:

    Thin hair: tie hair into a big, top center bun.

    Thick: separate hair down the middle and give each section a bun. So two on each side of the head.

    Keep it like that for two hours, and let down hair. Tada! ;)

    I don't like using curling irons. Because they're hard to use and require heat. Keep your hair healthy and use good, organic shampoos or whatever to keep it looking good. Take supplements. Drink more water, deep condition. Look up bubzbeauty's hair tutorials for further info.

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