What is wrong with my knee?

Okay, my left knee has been bothering me for around a year now.

There are frequent times when im sitting in an odd position and i stand up and my knee has to be popped before I have full range of motion and there is pain but it usually subsides after a few seconds.

2 days ago I felt the same sensation that it had to be popped.

I popped it and the pain didnt seem to cease for quite a while.

Ihave some swelling around the petellar tendon, and in a way Im drawn to it being an acl injury simply for the fact that the tibia is not supposed to move without the patella.

I can move my tibia left and right and you can see it doing so.

Whereas the oppisite knee doesnt have that range of motion.

There also seems to be some brusing around the tibia, mild to acute i would say.

I dont have pain but I dont seem to feel as confident with the knee if that makes sense.

What would you suspect if anything at all?

1 Answer

  • David
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    i would have been to an orthopedic surgeon within a month. this is where the good stuff happens. i,ve had knee damage. nothing positive goes on until you get an accurate diagnosis. the ortho surgeon can do that. the family doc will just refer you. you can ice and elevate the knee as much as practical. this increases circulation and healing, and reduces what swelling is occurring. if you have discomfort, you have swelling somewhere. ibuprofen will also reduce discomfort. an elastic bandage wrapped around the knee will provide support. knees are complex, and can fail at inappropriate times. i had successful surgery for a torn meniscus. there is no reason to live with this disability.

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