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Are You a Liberal with Repuiblicans in your family ? Are they hard to live with -?

Especially if they have found religion through the church

God save Us from the church.

A few years ago some of my Republican family members needed economic help they went though a hard winter and a Jet plane / airplane factory closed down where they worked and made a decent living - I helped them the best that I could and I think I made a real difference .

Now that I need help - It is like > We don't know you .

Or if I were not a Liberal this would not be happening

Or if you went to OUR Church and our religion ( I use to go to church ) every thing would be A OK

But because I am a Liberal It is all my fault .

Well they are Republicans and their jobs got out sourced by their fellow Republican business men - go figure


Sorry I misspelled a few words I am multitasking

Update 2:

After a Year of UN Employment benefits they found jobs but now live in an apartment instead of a house with their children

I love my family but I know the bitter truth about the Republican mind set and that is they are incapable of returning that love when it involves any thing out side of just saying the words Love you . Past that they shut down.

Update 3:

BTW I shut down FB for a while

I am hurt but arguing does no good

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    Left my first girlfriend on account of that. She had no regard for the American Workers who built this Great Nation of ours. She also had little tolerance for people with a different lifestyle than her own. She did not believe in live and let others live. She believed in dictating her own views onto others and her ancestors supported the South during the civil war!

    Life has been a lot more peaceful since I moved on.

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    I don't think much about what I am politically. That's not to say that I am ignorant of politics, only that I don't associate myself with any ideology. Depending on what I answer, people may think me a Liberal or a Conservative or something else. As far as my family is concerned, most of them are what you would call "conservative" but that's largely because that's just what is socially accepted in Texas-not because they pay much attention to politics.

    My family is really a mixed bag, some are very religious, some are anti-religious. Despite our varying religious and political views, we are close because we know better than to bring them up at family gatherings. We know what the rest think, and we're okay with it even if we disagree. In my opinion, a family that is shattered by political or religious differences wasn't strong enough on its own and the problems are deeper than simply differing beliefs.

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    My close relatives also have liberal views, which is good. But, my more distant side of the great aunts and uncles on my Dad's side...they live in Tennessee and are gun-totin' Republicans and yes, it's hard to put up with, especially the debates we get into on Facebook.

    I tend to just ignore them and let them carry on because I realize that there is nothing that I can do about their crazy views.

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    Liberty means that the Government creates freedom. With that freedom comes personal accountability.

    We can't all make different choices and expect an equal outcome. It will never happen.

    If your families jobs were all outsourced, how do you think they have the ability to help you? They must be on unemployment, right? You admit yourself that you stopped going to church. That was your choice, not theirs. Are we supposed to find something in this story that makes us feel sorry for you?

    You need to make choices that are right for you and be accountable to yourself. Forget about everyone else. It's not about them, it is about you and your choices.

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    Conservatives live in a box. Anyone outside that box is abnormal or immoral in the case of religious conservatives. Conservatives as a whole are usually intelligent people, but religious conservatives seldom seem to know what they are talking about.

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    Everyone in my family is pretty liberal except my mother. She's a bit of an enigma. I don't know what she is.

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    Actually the liberals that I know are lazy good for nothings who expect everyone else to do everything for them. My conservative family works hard, loves everyone and are generally happy people

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    My fiancee's mother is one of those crazy end times loving Chrisitans. Try dealing with that.

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    My my, the ingrates at least they had a chance the people in SC had their Boeing plant blocked by the Obama Administration.

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    How dare you make fun of us communists! Cant a guy just mind his own business and mooch off of working people? Sheesh! I swear all you people are racist!

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