What the f**k do i do???????

i switched colleges and i moved back home for the summer and lately ive felt so alone. its hard for me to socialize and make new friends. i feel like people aren't interested in the things i like. when people have conversations, i get really shy and almost shut down. its not that i don't wanna talk, i just don't wanna talk about the **** their talking about. it seems trivial to me and i feel fake when i try to socialize. im interested in the arts, writing, reading, poetry, film, philosophy etc. and nobody else seems mature enough to connect with. i just im at the point where i don't even like hanging out with the few close friends i have cuz they seem so boring and simple minded. i make excuses to not hang out with them i end up sitting at home alone . i feel like theres other introverted people out there who actually care about experiencing life, traveling, being creatives and learning about themselves if that makes sense. i just dont know how to find them. ive been somewhat depressed during this transition period and i just want any advice on how to get out of this funk.

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    8 years ago
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    You are already at that point in life where you find people ignorant and stupid,try to find some intelligent people worth talking to and talking about.Its true that we B.S. most of the time and about worthless topics in addition to all of this is that our vocabulary is equal to a four letter word.Try it, listen to your people and see if they speak in words of more than 4 letters.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Sympathies - problem is - like myself - if you feel like that about peers and friends,then odds on other people like you will tend not to socialise with each other as they are picky about their company.

    It is very rare I find anyone who interests me conversationally and I find most social situations dull and uninspiring...I can only suggest joining a club that has people definitively interested in something that interests you. The alternative is to be just self reliant and develop yourself,which is what I do - as the odds of me finding people like me that don't perturb me in some other way is very low.

    Good luck.

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