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I need a scary story! ?

Ok, so I'm having my 15th birthday party in a few weeks, and I want to completely scare the pee out of everyone with a super creepy story... If you have any good ones, please answer!!!! :D

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    One day,a boy named Gary was fishing.He fell asleep and he woke up by a tugging on his line.He pulled the line and caught a fish..He turned around to put the fish in his cooler,and this is what he saw:A man with a very long and pale face,his black hair was combed back,he was very tall,with eyes of fire."Why,it's a fisherboy!" He cried in a mellow voice."Hello,s-s-sir," Gary replied.The tall man laughed in disgust as he gracefully walked closer to Gary.Then he said,"Do you know who I am,fisherboy?" "No,sir,"Gary lied."I am the devil,you little snot!" The devil grinned evily, "Boy,I shure am hungry!"Poor Gary...he didn't come back to reality untill the Devil left a gash on his arm.Gary screamed and ran as fast as he could.He tripped over his fishing line and landed head first on the bridge."Hell,hell,open a gap in the road,to where i dwell!Hell,hell,open with glee one the count of three," The devil said and then laughed.Little Gary tried to run but he couldn't make it.The devil caught him and dragged him to hell.Some say that the devil still wonders around,waiting for his next victim.And others say he wonders around here....and is waiting to.....(at this point,screm and jump at somebody.) This helps if u r telling the story in a pitch-black room.I hope this helps!=)

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    Well, this might not be super scary, but it is a true story, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine. There were these two missionary ladies who lived in India about 50 years ago. The one who this story happened to had long beautiful hair that she braided and wound around her head the old fashion way. They lived in a house alone, which also served as their mission base where they would teach children the gospel, and give them a meal. Well, one night , in the hot summer air under her mosquito net, she woke up in a fright. She felt something laying across her chest, and it moved whenever she did. She layed very still, terrified, and trying to figure out what to do. Now in india, there are many poisonous snakes, she had just heard about a neighbor who Had been killed by a Indian cobra. So you can understand her fright. With her heart beating wildly she concocted a plan, she slowly reached under her pillow, where she kept her flash light and with a quick movement she flipped it on and threw it to the other side of the mosquito net while she tried to jump in the oppite direction. She was hoping the snake would follow the light, but instead it followed her! Her friend came in and found her thrashing and screaming under mosquito net, wrestling with her long braid that had come undone up in the night.

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    watch the blair witch project its not fake

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