Am I doing the right thing?!?

So me and my bff's stepbro are kinda in love but my bff hates him because he always makes her look bad in front of their parents so I was hanging with her at her house when he came in he told me that he really likes me and that he knew that things weren't so good between him and his stepsister but he wants to go out with me(on a date) and then he Kissed me well I wanted to kiss back but I didn't and I told him to back off cuz if I wanted to choose between them I'm totally Ali's ( my bff)side!

So am I doing the right thing?(avoiding the person I extremely love) I'm puzzled I don't know what to do!!!

And I know Ali will become mad at me and won't ever talk to me again cuz she thinks we made it clear that her stepbro is off limit !!

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    Love is love girl!You should help them get along so you won't have to chose hetween them.

    Trust me,if they really care about you they'll try.If the don't even put a little bit of efgort on their side then you'll see where you stand.

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  • 8 years ago

    That not right, And good for you for taking your best friends side ^^

    You know, boys come and go but best friends are there for life, helping you through thick and thin. Imagine your best friends going out with your brother, how would that make you feel, imagining them together snogging and kissing in front of you, that's how your best friend would feel, like she was betrayed. He's just one boy, there are plenty of fish in the sea ;)

    Good luck :D

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