Will he come back to me Plzzz help?

My boyfriend of 2 yrs just up and leaves me. When we first met he knew i had anxiety attacks and could not travel. he lived in Kentucky and i live in Illinois. It was a 2 hour drive. from my house to his. He told me it would not be a problem. We seen each other on the weekends or every other weekend because he is into Disc golf and had tournaments. some weekends. Which i was always very supportive of. When he would see me on the weekends i would always pay for everything because i felt i was paying him back for always driving to see me. I treated him like a king. Cooking special things buying him stuff. making sure he was well taken care of. We never ever fought and we loved each other so so much. But the bad thing was is that he always put Disc golf in front of me. and never ever offered to pay for anything. I mean i did everything for him because i felt bad about not being able to travel. I treated him like a king. And 3 weeks ago he comes into town and we missed each other so much we had a wonderful weekend together. Made love and it was great. he returnes home and on monday i get a text saying that the distance is bothering him and he misses me too much during the week. and he said he is not able to deal with my inability to travel anymore. Plus he was originally from california and said he was moving back in a year or so to be with his family and he couldnt see us getting more hurt than we already are. He told me in the begining he would never move back because California was way too expensive. Now all of the sudden everything has changed. I have begged and cried to him 3 times already and the more i do the worse he gets. he says he loves me with all of his heart. But if you really love someone it hurts to be away from them. And you would move mountains to be with that person. i told him i would do everything i could to start traveling and he just shuts me down saying he would never take me away from my family to live in California. He just keeps making excuses of why we can't be together. I haven't talk to him in 4 days . i'm trying the no contact thing to see if it works. it hurts so so much to be in love with someone that's acting this way. He has always been very selfish and he will even tell me he is. Do you think the no contact rule will bring him back? Please tell me what i should do my heart hurts so bad, I miss him like crazy. But like i said when i contact him he shuts down. And do men ever miss and want back a good woman? Plzzz Plzzz Help Me!!!!!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Aww, If you did treat him like a king, he'll come crawling back, He most defiantly misses you because you've been together for two years. I think he doesn't know what he wants so just give him a little space, I think he'll realize that he needs you In his life. The good things in your relationship outweigh the few bad things in your relationship and he will defiantly realize that or know that already.

    Worst case scenario Is that he goes back to California and begins to date someone ealse.. And then realize he made a mistake with you and want to come back to you or make you go out there to live with his family.

    Good luck, I hope everything turns out right between you two & I wish for the best

  • 8 years ago

    Honey, the best thing you can do right now is just let him go, physically and emotionally.

    The relationship either isn't going to work out or you're going to be treated very poorly.

    My heart aches for you. I've been through similar situations and it hurts, a lot, i know it does, but time is the best healer.

    Let him go, get rid of things that remind you of him, and someday a nice, caring, loving, supporting guy will come into your life.

    Source(s): Personal expeirence and my mom's advice (she had that happen to her once. she's in a successful marriage now)
  • 4 years ago

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