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Girls What texts you love to recieve and when?

what texts(tell) you love to recieve from your lover or bf and what is the best time.

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    When I first wake up in the morning, there is nothing better than a Text that says, "Good Morning Beautiful, hope you had sweet dreams and call me when you wake up." Also, I like them before bedtime. I like my guy to send me sweet romantic stuff as well as music to keep me interested and he has to be consistent in texting. I lose interest really quickly if someone does not seem to care.

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    I love consistent good-morning texts when I wake up (: Just something like Good morning beautiful & telling her to have a good day & that you love her. I like the random sweet ones, my bf sometimes will be like, "Hey!" and ill be like what? & he tells me I'm beautiful :)

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    I Love it when my boyfriend just randomly says that he Loves me and tells me how cute i am. & It kinda doesn't matter at the time because anytime can just make the girl feel sweet and Loved. Girls love to hear their man tell them sweet little cute things when ever they get the change and it always makes their day better.

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    girls love good morning texts so that they think that you've thought about them first thing in the morning (even if its not true) and always make sure that in the evenings you let her say goodnight first and make sure you send the last text :P

    we also love to be told how beautiful and amazing we are and that you miss us even if you've literally just seen us

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  • 8 years ago

    Romantic poetry and what not and anytime works. Its still sweet (unless we're in a really bad mood because I don't know....we'll be upset reading it?)

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    Romantic candler dinar & choklet.

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