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What medium sized breed is great for guarding?

im wanting to get a guard dog but it has to me medium to small.i know that the size wouldn't be very intimidating,so i wanted a bull mastiff or husky but they're both way to big for me. I just need one to make me feel safer and would protect me and my house. any suggestions?

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    Being someone who has owned American Pit Bull Terriers half of my life, I have to laugh at some of the other answers, lol. Pitties are the WORST possible "guard dog" you could get. They were bred to fight other dogs, not humans. They LOVE people, they might give a warning bark because a strange noise startles them or they see a strange shadow outside, but once they realized that burglar coming through the window is a human they'd more than likely welcome them inside with the same enthusiasm they do you!

    That said, no dog will gaurd you unless trained by a professional which is very expensive and the dogs are usually quite large, like German Shepherd Dogs and Rottweilers. The only reason a dog would attack another human WITHOUT being professionally trained, would be because you failed at giving it proper socialization and training.

    ADD: I have also owned several Siberian Huskies and they're even worse guard dogs that American Pit Bull Terriers.

    Get a security system. You shouldn't make a dog fight your battles for you. You're the one who is supposed to protect them.

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    Border Collie's are a one person dog, and they need a bunch of exercise, but since they are a one person dog, they don't like strangers, and are great protectors. They aren't that big. Staffordshire Terriers are known to be loving and caring and loyal to their owners, and only displays aggressiveness when protecting a family member. If you get a Staffordshire, be sure to socialize it with humans as well as dogs in a young age, this won't make him/her less protective or anything, it will just make him/her not aggressive when a family member doesn't need protection. You should know that all guard dogs need a great deal of exercise, so before choosing which one you want, be sure to be able to go running or exercise the dog at least 1 hour a day once it's an adult (about 2 years old or 3).

  • Itamar
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    8 years ago

    Read the article "Best Family Watch Dog"

    By the way, a Siberian Husky is no bigger than a Border Collie or Pit Bull. Go see a few. They are also horrible guard dogs, but you gotta love 'em!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Are you wanting a guard dog or a protection trained dog because they are COMPLETLY DIFFERENT!

    Guarddogs are trained to attack anyone that enters a certain area that isn't their owner REGARDLESS OF THE SITUATION! Protection dogs are trained in Obediance, Tracking, and Protection.

    There are three different protection training systems: Schutzhund (German Protection) Teaching Obediance, Tracking, and Protection. (my training method) In the protection phase our dogs are trained to search a position the handler commands the dog to (revier.) then "Bark and Hold" the helper (guy that gets bit/bad guy) constantly harasing the helper snapping and bumping the helper back but the dog CAN"T BITE UNLESS THE HELPER ATTACKS OR RUNS! If the helper stays in place and cowers than the dog can bark and do nothing else. We train our dogs to attack both on command and also if someone attacks either us or our dogs AND ONLY IN THOSE SITUATIONS! In Schutzhund our dogs are only allowed to bite the arm.

    There's also French Ring which teaches both muzzled and unmuzzled obediance, food refusal (spiting out food given from anyone other than the handler), and protection wearing full bodysuits (they can bite anywhere)

    Then there's Mondio Ring which is a combanation of both.

    The dogs that do best in this training is German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Malinois.

    GSD/Dobermans are good for first time handlers but Malinois are best for experienced handlers.

    Other dogs that are good for this line of work is:

    Australian Cattle Dog,

    Border Collies (one of the best protection dogs you can find), Boxers (only dogs used by SWAT), Siberian Husky, Mastiff (bred as guarddogs), Schnauzers, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rottweiler, and Pittbulls but do to BSL training pitts in protection isn't a great idea.

    For a Doberman I'd suggest Masaya Dobermans:

    For GSD My BodyGuard GSD:

    Source(s): Doberman Owner Schutzhund Competitor
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  • 5 years ago

    A Boxer is a good guard dog that may bark when necessary. For example, if someone is taping the outside gate, he will do warning bark. They dont bark exesively like other dog breeds. They are very very playful and have low agression levels. As far as obedience, i suggest german shepherd, they protect you very well by barking at any stranger unless trained to. Even though they bark alot, they have the highest obedience level than any dog yet. The bomb squad and drug police use them to detect narcotics. I currently have 2 german shepherd dog(1 male n 1 female). Their great. Ive had 1 white boxer before untill it died at 11 years of age. He was awesome. So its up to you, maybe german Shepherd would suit you...

  • 8 years ago

    Just totally with Helen, Cookie & Our Turn.

    I have nothing against people wanting a dog that will bark when alerted to a noise but I have BIG problems with people wanting a dog to 'protect' them. What exactly do you want the dog to do ???? Bite someone that comes to your property ??? Ok so you allow or encourage that and the dog doesn't distinguish between the friend that is popping over to see you and someone coming in uninvited. Dog gets put to sleep and you get a huge law suit on your hands.

    Get a yappy dog if you want but not 'guard' or 'protection' dog.

    Well unless you've about $10,000 to spare

  • 8 years ago

    I think the shelter answer is right on.

    there are few "protection" dogs today and if you wish a dog with this attitude who is a pup you must see the sire and dam of the litter. if the parents have it then the pups will also. huskies might be a great choice but you need to see parents. you cannot train a pup to have this attitude.

    pit bull terriers offer more choice in natures, most of them are friendly towards people, but they still have might some residual sense of self and courage necessary, very important. bull mastiffs might be too friendly to everyone. but the shelter particularly if you visit one in a large city might offer some great dogs for adoption. visit a "no kill" shelter.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Neither Staffies nor Collies are guard dogs. Neither are huskies. And in fact, even breeds that are used for guarding need to be professionally trained before they'd be reliable protection.

    I suggest you get a good security system.

  • Julie
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    8 years ago

    A Pit Bull Terrier. Theyre really sweet an friendly but can be a good guard.

  • CDog
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    8 years ago

    Australian Cattle Dogs are great protectors, but they are also very high energy and need an experienced owner.

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