Is there any fix for the windhelm house bug?

I have already completed the dark brotherhood quest line


@Ann if this question is posted on the Play Station part of the site it means the question is on PlayStation

Update 2:

@Pari R what???

Update 3:

Never mind the quest worked for me i was just worried since the have been speculation stating that if you kill one of the optional targets for one of the dark brotherhood quest that it breaks the quest "Blood On Ice" because supposedly the optional target is the target that the murder kills in the second part of the quest but for me the quest worked and i could complete the quest now i just need to get 12k to buy the home

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  • 8 years ago
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    I am unsure what bug your referring to.Do you mean the Blood on Ice quest? Is it that you can't purchase the house? More information is needed to answer this. Either way the fact that the Dark Brotherhood quest line is finished has no bearing on this either.

  • 8 years ago

    Hey guys, since I've had some problems with this, and while looking for answer saw that loads of people (even here on reddit) have problems with this here's info and fix: If You can't encounter Blood On The Ice Quest bacause of: Doing DB quest Doing Imperial Legion quests more... But still You want it, You must have Purchase a house in Windhelm quest (in miscellaneous) active, then just open up console (~) and type: setstage 000A7B33 10 edit. Looks like decorations are bugged either so, there You go: living room: say 000E67b8 alchemy: say 000e67b6 kitchen: say 000e67ba enchanting: say 000e67b5 armory: say 000e67b4 bedroom: say 000e67b9 There's also "Cleaning after killing" option, at 000f726a, but it needs 2 quests to be done, and I don't have time to find their ID's. That's all. Hope this will save some time for other players ;-). This method even takes 12,000 gold from Your inverntory. Cheers!

  • 8 years ago


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