Cool, fun things to try?

My friends are going to overnight camp for a week, and i want to send them a list of fun stuff to do!

i'm just making this stuff up, but when i stay fun stuff, i mean cool stuff like:

if you wrap a string around a bottle and fill it with cheese, then add poprocks to it, then it will turn into a butterfly


if you tie two pieces of hair together and stick them in glue and twirl it around, it will make a balloon,


adding gel and perfume together will form a rainbow

Keep in mind, i'm making this stuff up. But do you know what i mean? Like, fun things to try just to see if they work because it seems really awesome? I want to send them a list of fun things to try and then the supplies they need to try it, because i think that would be really cool :)

another example (this one is real) If you stick ear plugs in your nostrils and open your mouth, the music will come out of your mouth!!!






Fun stuff like that, you know? stuff that you really want to try just cuz it seems cool and possible!

(btw, the headphone one doesn't work lol i tried it)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Look up things to do at wal mart. Do all of the things in one visit.

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