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Masters of philosophy become what occupation?

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    It could be almost anything, because you don't get a masters in 'philosophy'; you get it in a specific field of philosophy:

    "ethics (moral conduct), metaphysics (reality), epistemology (knowledge), aesthetics (art)

    Many career postings ask for candidates with a liberal arts or humanities degree. In this case, a philosophy degree is advantageous because of the abstract reasoning and research background it provides. You might be suited for a career in..............."


    A Ph. D. is a Doctorate of Philosophy, which can cover nearly any subject in academia. The officers of the space shuttles were almost all Ph. D.'s--engineering, astrophysics, biology, etc.

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    They can make good therapists as they can

    deal with conflicting realities without going for some

    preset party-line IF they can use their hearts too

    and if they apply themselves, can write well (all those tortuous essays!).

    They can be very good at research and, if literate in other ways, good editors, orators

    or slack on the dole as the call for

    tutors is little for tutorial posts are very long-term contracts.

    If you can get one - fine - but you must really LOVE philosophy

    AND people as a % of phil students suffer genuine clinical depression

    depending upon their age (youngsters have a hard time as the nihilists

    flatten or put in grave doubt, the need for

    instictive expression, the theories are powerful)

    when hitting the existentialist/ nihilist `Masters`, so you need care and -

    creativity too.

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    Public speakers? Thats the best I can think of=)

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