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Did i get pregnant? Helppp?

Is it possible im pregnant?

Had unprtoected sex the end of june

Ive had my period for years it always comes on the 1st or 25th and its always really heavy and last 6-7 days

This month i knowww it wasnt my period it came 2 weeks late and was really light bleeding one day and spotting the first and last day was tan spotting the other 3 it was completely gone by the 4th day and i had no cramps or anything that neverrrrr happen before

Other symptoms ive been having

Im soooooooo tired all the time

I have weird cravings

Im getting weird blue veins apearing in my nipple area and all over breast

Im peeing like every half hour to a hour

I have light cramping in lower stomach

Im so bloated like right now im so bloated it hurts haha

Im neusea as hell all throught the day

I just have a gut feeling im pregnant

I took a pregnancy test 2 weeks after sex it was negative

I dont want to waste anymore money on a test so im gunna make a doctors app for a blood test

Does it sound like im pregnant?

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    Sounds like it. You took a test too early so it's probably time to test again.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    yes of course .you sex your husband OK.

    i think

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  • 8 years ago

    Yep. Your ******.

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