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Iphone 4 back and front screen replacement?

I currently have a iphone 4 ; the front screen is cracked a little. it has a black front and a white transparent back. is there any site I can send it too to have the screen fixed and made back completely white? or just put on a new white front?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If you want a cheap easy DIY fix. I have ordered from many many time they have great stuff and and the cheapest for the quality. I have ordered amazon and the stuff I have gotten is extremely cheap and crappy quality. Same with ebay. You may save some money but trust me its a lot better to get the good stuff from someone with a lot of support! If you get a cheap screen it is more likely to break again than a quality screen. Also trying to get ahold of the seller for a refund is a PITA

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