can i count working at my job as community service?

For school I need 40 hours of community service to graduate... Would I be able to write off those community service hours by working my normal job until I get 40 hours?

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    8 years ago
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    community service means SERVING YOUR COMMUNITY, not working for a paycheck.

    Get off your lazy *** and put some thought into HELPING OTHER PEOPLE you spoiled selfish brat.

  • 7 years ago

    There is a legal Charity Called Uplifting Kids they help people all over the world they are a 501c3 Noprofit that help people that have last minute or current hours to complete either before going to jail or the due date or after there due date, this organization was soooo great they helped my brother and my cousin out all they had to do is make donation to the charity for the hours they were do so my cousin had 8 hours to do so he paid them $80.00 so its ten dollars for every hour, also they did an overnight because he was about to go to jail it was pretty costly but it was well worth it same thing for my cousin that lived in another state they helped her out to and kept her from going to jail they mailed a letterhead out to her address for her to bring to court or rather give to her attorney and she never had any issues anymore she and my brother was soo happy they are the only charity i know thats out there they can help you , you cant complete hours online its not legal to that and this charity verified my family hours , its not worth getting locked up call this charity they are even open on the weekends as well, they are legal i verified them with the irs for charities and i verified there ein number before my brother made a donation, this charity is very nice and they do alot of great things for kids and the community so why not pay off your hours instead of going to jail , and they help out with school hours I'm in college and i had to get some hours done and they helped me with that of course all of this took place at different times but we remember this charity so everytime we was in a jam we used them and the outcome was great and legal , remember they do overnight for your court or school papers its an extra charge to expedite it to you and an extra charge for overnight they will call you with a tracking number this charity is great man they got all kinds of programs that can help you in your situation you can also fundraise off your hours and do a fundraise just give them a call i see alot of people on here that need help and rather then them call the charity to find out what they can do they end up going to jail hoping for an extenstion and that dont happen that often because my brother almost went to jail for not doing his community service hours the charity contact information is there phone number is 1-855-581-9111 ask to speak to the person that handles community service hours or school hours. They work with any kind of hours school hours, community service court hours it dont matter give them a call again there open on the weekends make sure you have your school infomation ready or your court information ready with a case or docket number because they can't do anything to help you unless you have that give them a call today Good Luck!!! I wouldn't trust no other charity but this one the other ones were flaky i didnt like them.

  • 8 years ago

    Some schools may allow this and some schools may not, it depends on the job that you have. The best way to find this out is to talk to a head member in the school and I'm sure they'd be able to tell you.

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