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Chance of pregnancy or no? Answers appreciated?

Hi everyone.

I am 20, been on birth control for almost three years. I take it everyday at the same time and never missed a pill.

Right now I am on my sugar pills (period week) with two polls left, however the bleeding has stopped.

Last night me and my boyfriend had sex with a spermicidal condom, and he came inside me.

What are the chances of me getting pregnant from that? Any need to take plan b?

I'm nervous and not sure what to think! He usually pulls out so this time around kinda freaked me out.

I don't think any leaked, but I guess I wouldn't really know.

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    Birth control itself is like 99.9% effective (that means if you take the pills the way they are supposed to be taken, it does NOT mean that you can ONLY have sex on the non-sugar pill days)......PLUS a condom? I wouldn't worry at ALL! (as long as you are completely honest on here and you are consistant with pills AND used a condom, you will not get pregnant)

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    8 years ago

    On the pill or not, having someone not pull out is a chance of getting pregnant. My cousin took birth control pills for 22 years and got pregnant. Now she has a little boy. Plan b pill is your choice. But do take it a day after the intercourse.

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    If you are taking the pill and the condom had spermacide. You should be covered. If you are on antibiotics take plan b. If the condom didn't break you shouldn't be worried at all. And you will know if it broke, it looks like an exploded ballon or has an obvious tear.

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    on the pill or now no longer, having somebody now no longer pull out is an probability of having pregnant. My cousin took start up administration pills for 22 years and function been given pregnant. Now she has slightly boy. Plan b pill is your determination. yet do take it an afternoon after the intercourse.

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