Did you consider Apartheid South Africa a Western or African country?

South Africa during Apartheid was (obviously) ruled by white people and was more focused on weaponry and such.

Do or did you consider South Africa a Western country?

This sounds odd, but consider Australia is Western even though it's in the East and Egypt is Arabian even though it's in Africa.

Just want your opinion. Was South Africa Western or African?

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  • Cheri
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    8 years ago
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    South African

  • 8 years ago

    It would be the same as asking is the USA European? The whites in South Africa have been there for several hundred years. Obviously they were in conflict with the Africans who were originally there and eventually came to power. Considering the vast majority of the population is African (whites and blacks combined) I think it is impossible to consider it a Western (and I think what you are implying, a "white") country. It is therefore African.

    I think you need to to study some history. South Africa was forced by the rest of the world to focus on creating their own weapons because of the sanctions imposed on it. At the same time the South African border war was taking place in Namibia creating an obvious need for arms. If you look at other industries you will find that mining, agriculture and tourism have been and still are much, much larger than the arms industry in South Africa.

  • 8 years ago

    South Africa was and will always be an African country. The White minority deluded themselves into believing the country was western.

    I hear idiotic comments from people alleging that the country was First World. LOL, it was not even part of NATO.

    Majority of the country was not developed and millions lived in poverty. Only a small minority enjoyed a standard of living comparable to Western Europe.

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