Please help, does he seem to like me?

I met this guy in January. He is two years older than me. It was on a school trip, when we met, he was my group leader. One night before I went to bed, he stopped me and told me that he needed a hug from me before I went to bed. I had only known him for two days at that point. Then he told me it was a blessing that he got to meet a beautiful young lady like myself and if I ever needed anything to ask him and he gave me his cell-phone number, that was after three days. (He gave everybody in our group his number) Well, ever since January we've been texting. I won an award at school one day and I didn't tell him, but the next day he texted me and said that he had heard that I received an award, I don't know how he knew. He asked me about it and I replied and then he replied back and said, "congratulations, you deserve it"and he told me that he was so happy for me. Then I texted him a couple days ago and was just asking him how he was doing and hoping he was having a good summer and he texted me back the next morning and said, "It's so good to hear from you" and then he put a smiley face. Then he went on talking about how his summer was going. Well after three days of debating on whether asking him out, I did. I sent him a text that said, " Is there anyway you and I can get together sometime, and maybe catch a movie sometime?" and he replied quickly (normally he doesn't reply so quickly) and said, "Yeah, definitely!" and then went on about when. I texted him again last night I told him I hope he had a good week and he replied and basically said the same thing. This guy has really high standards and I'm worried that I'm not good enough. He's only had one serious girlfriend and she was really pretty. I'm not that pretty, but we do have a lot in common. He is so caring and he knows so many people and he respects everybody. This guy is really sincere and polite. Does this guy like me or is he just a good friend?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Let's review the evidence from your post: He texts you regularly; he's taken an interest in your development; he's said 'yes' to meeting up and seeing a movie; he was keen and very swift in his response to your message asking him on a 'date'. He said you were beautiful and asked you for a hug, that's intimate; does he make a habit of hugging girls??? I'd say yes, he does like you. The jury is out on whether he is 'interested' in the romantic sense. However, he wants to get involved and see you more. I think in your heart you know this to be true.

    Just make sure that he has isn't seeing anyone because he is bound to have other admirers. I'd hate to hear that you found out he was attached and messing you around. Set yourself apart, you are already half way there because he thinks you are beautiful. Don't act too keen and get him to meet up with you. Date him a couple of times and you'll be able to tell by the way he acts whether he's after you as more than a friend. If the dates are rosy and positive tell him how you feel. Its better to have tried and known than to give up and wonder for an eternity. Bon chance

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    8 years ago

    He might like you, but it could be only friends.

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