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Why do i get an uneven skin tone after applying foundation?

I have started using loreal infallible foundation, before this i was using another one, but the fact of the matter is that whatever foundation i use, it doesn't settle properly on my upper lip area and on my chin. Specially after i apply blush on, a greenish tint seems apparent on my upper lips and chin area. I have oily skin and i apply the foundation with my fingers... how can i apply foundation properly to get an even skin tone?


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    Try a different TYPE of foundation. Try one of the mineral foundation powders, rather than a liquid. Liquids are good for older, drier skin--but on younger, oilier complexions they often go on unevenly. The powders are very good--they really do even out skin tone and look better on young skin. Don't over-apply it! Less is better.

    There are a couple of products out there that will work on the skin itself to even out your tone before you even apply foundation. Estee Lauder makes one that works on all skin types. It's not cheap, but it really works well. You can ask the lady at the EL counter at your local department store for advice--they are pretty good at showing you what is best for your skin type.

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    im not sure if you are up to other suggestions but i use dinair airbrush makeup and they let me ail in my picture an then they just told me which of their shades to get...ive never had makeup that has looekd so good on me covers up everything and it makes my skin look smooth, even, and flawless...its also i all water based so it is not bad for my skin because it doesnt clog my pores...ive used it for a long time now and its honestly the best makeup ive ever used...i hope i helped in some way =)

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    Use a moisturizer before make-up and problem solved...

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