How much does Dupont Wilmington, De Start their clerk/aides off with?

I've recently moved to claymont and have been searching for a job position closer to home. I came across a clerkaide position 7p-7a which is perfect because if i got hired I would work morw hours but less days than my current job and this would give me the opportunity to return to school. I was wondering if anyone knew their hourly pay rate

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  • 8 years ago
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    Don't expect much over minimum wage. However, working the night shift, you might be eligible for a shift differential, and that can make a big difference in wages! Exact pay is certainly going to depend on your qualifications - education, experience, skills. So nobody can give you an exact figure except HR - IF they decide to hire you.

    Go for it, and stop diddling around! Dupont is considered a good employer since they have longevity (less chance of the company going belly-up, a vital concern these days!), lots of employee programs which you might qualify for if you get hired, do a good job, and stick with it. They may even have a tuition reimbursement program for employees who satisfactorily complete degrees and programs which they're seeking in employees.

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