If I told you, God made Earth to be breeding grounds for souls would you see a solid truth?

Based upon my observations of peoples spirits, and trying to understand those deep down gut feelings we all have, I have concluded this to be the most likely answer. Spirit is only transferred into heaven. The beings of the higher creation are similar in nature to human beings. They have many of the same purposes as we do but with out the need for much physical desire. They express to each other their feelings in a more spiritual way. The new births they generate are through devices made to serve that very purpose, and to collect spirit and retrieve it to this new world. I wouldn't be surprised if they could even take a spirit from someone who is still living my other means. Perhaps this is what the lightning from east to west will simulate (as the Christ did have vast knowledge about what the future holds). I also believe that if you are not ready, then you get a chance to return to the Earth (as a form of reincarnation). Perhaps some are discarded completely, but most of us just come back to the Earth. Eventually, the success rate will be so low, that God will have to come and force the Earth into a new system of government and development. When the population is reduced, this will be a very hard time for God, as obviously, if you are not ready for heaven, and the Earth is now limited to hold much fewer people, many discards will be enforced in this horrible transitioning period. Our soul purpose is to love, and to learn to live as it would be in heaven. I believe that many of the spirits on Earth are brand new, and possibly most of them are female. This is hard to tell, but the spirit of curiosity (new born) is a LOT more dominant in women. When you observe peoples spirits long enough, you see trends that tell you that a greater score outside of our own world is also at work here. Jesus is very accurate about all these things as well, and teaches them in a way to help us achieve more righteousness. However, there still will come a time when man kind is not able to continue the path it leads, and many changes will be forced upon the Earth so that God can have his success rate higher again. All in all, these things and this knowledge seams to be embedded into everyone's understanding subconsciously. I find it astoundingly amazing. Maybe my soul purpose in life is to present it to people in a way that they will see the reason, and the logical sense of Faith.

How accurate do you feel these observations I've made are?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I think there is a really good chance that God didn't create this universe for human habitation at all.

    I believe He created it as a work of art, like Monet, or Picasso. He created it as an oddity. Something for His own ammusement and/or the ammusement of His people. Some thing to view and wonder about.

    I believe that because of some unforeseen need or event, this universe had to be utilized. Maybe it was overcrowding of God's home universe or maybe it was a place to send malcontents or other troublesome beings. I don't know for sure, but that is a theory of mine.

  • 8 years ago

    Gods don't exist. Neither do spirits. As such your little story makes little sense.

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