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my mate wants to be a boy? help her please?

she will get sex change surgery its scaring me because she will go to hell help her please.

she has been unhappy with herself and has been making herself throw up and self harming. she gets ill a lot.

she told me the reason she does these horrible things to herself is because she doesn't want boobs/hips etc. she wants to be a boy, and doesn't want to grow into a woman. im worried about her, but i cant just tell someone because she will get really embarrassed and i cant tell her mum because she wont understand and wont take her seriously. i want to help her to help herself.

she should be happy with her natural body parts or god will not like her and she might not get to heaven like me because i love being a girl!

please help us! by the way she is a 14 year old girl

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    Ok, if you just dislike it because you think that she´s going to hell:

    Youtube thumbnail

    and watch it through!

    If she doesn´t want to be a girl, is it because she´s a lesbian? If NOT, and she likes GUYS, then she shouldn´t do it. Otherwise she´ll be very unhappy later when she falls in love with a guy.

    But as you say, she´s very unhappy with being a girl and if she wants to be a boy so badly, why don´t you let her? Not now, of course. I would wait till she is of age.

    But you know what I can´t understand? You are very worried about her going to hell, but don´t you worry JUST A LITTLE BIT about her hurting herself and being unhappy?? So if you want to be a good friend, accept her as she wants to be and LET HER BE HAPPY!

    Thank you!

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